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Custom Domain

Registrar #

This step is only applicable if you are using a custom domain! If you are using a <YOUR-USERNAME>.github.io domain, you can skip this step.

For this last bit to take effect, you also need to create a CNAME record with the DNS provider you register your domain with (i.e. NameCheap, Google Domains).

GitHub has some documentation on this, but the tldr; is to

  1. Go to your forked repository (github.com/<YOUR-GITHUB-USERNAME>/amethyst) settings page and go to the Pages tab. Under “Custom domain”, type your custom domain, then click Save.

  2. Go to your DNS Provider and create a CNAME record that points from your domain to <YOUR-GITHUB-USERNAME.github.io. (yes, with the trailing period).

    Example Configuration for QuartzExample Configuration for Quartz

  3. Wait 30 minutes to an hour for the network changes to kick in.

  4. Done!