📓 Amethyst

Editing Content

Editing #

Amethyst runs on top of Hugo so all notes are written in Markdown.

Folder Structure #

Here’s a rough overview of what’s what.

All notes you want to publish should go in the /content folder. To make edits, you can open any of the files and make changes directly and save it. You can organize content into any subfolder you’d like.

To edit the main home page, open /content/_index.md.

To create a link between notes in your garden, just create a normal link using Markdown pointing to the document in question. Please note that all links should be relative to the root /content path.

For example, I want to link this current document to `setup/config.md`.
[A link to the config page](setup/config.md)

Similarly, you can put local images anywhere in the /content folder.

Example image (source is in content/setup/images/example.png)
![Example Image](/content/setup/images/example.png)

You can also use wikilinks if that is what you are more comfortable with!

Front Matter #

Hugo is picky when it comes to metadata for files. Make sure that your title is double-quoted and that you have a title defined at the top of your file in the front matter like so. You can also add tags here as well.

title: "Example Title"
- example-tag

Rest of your content here...

You can specify additional params in the front matter of individual pages:

# Set type to 'docs' if you want to render page outside of configured section or if you render section other than 'docs'
type = 'docs'

# Set page weight to re-arrange items in file-tree menu (if BookMenuBundle not set)
weight = 10

# (Optional) Set to 'true' to mark page as flat section in file-tree menu (if BookMenuBundle not set)
bookFlatSection = false

# (Optional) Set to hide nested sections or pages at that level. Works only with file-tree menu mode
bookCollapseSection = true

# (Optional) Set true to hide page or section from side menu (if BookMenuBundle not set)
bookHidden = false

# (Optional) Set 'false' to hide ToC from page
bookToC = true

# (Optional) If you have enabled BookComments for the site, you can disable it for specific pages.
bookComments = true

# (Optional) Set to 'false' to exclude page from search index.
bookSearchExclude = true

# (Optional) Set explicit href attribute for this page in a menu (if BookMenuBundle not set)
bookHref = ''

Obsidian #

Amethyst is built especially for use with Obsidian as a text editor.

See below for more information:

🔗 Step 3: How to setup your Obsidian Vault to work with Amethyst

Previewing Changes #

This step is purely optional and mostly for those who want to see the published version of their digital garden locally before opening it up to the internet. This is highly recommended but not required.

👀 Step 4: Preview Changes

For those who like to live life more on the edge, viewing the garden through Obsidian gets you pretty close to the real thing.

Publishing Changes #

After you’ve finished editing your notes, you can publish them to the internet!

🌍 Step 5: Hosting Amethyst online!

Having problems? Check out our FAQ and Troubleshooting guide.