📓 Amethyst


Haven’t updated Amethyst in a while and want all the cool new optimizations? On Unix/Mac systems you can run the following command for a one-line update! This command will show you a log summary of all commits since you last updated, press q to acknowledge this. Then, it will show you each change in turn and press y to accept the patch or n to reject it. Usually you should press y for most of these unless it conflicts with existing changes you’ve made!

make update

Or, if you don’t want the interactive parts and just want to force update your local garden (this assumed that you are okay with some of your personalizations been overriden!)

make update-force

Or, manually checkout the changes yourself.


If you customized the files in data/, or anything inside layouts/, your customization may be overwritten! Make sure you have a copy of these changes if you don’t want to lose them.

# add Amethyst as a remote host
git remote add upstream git@github.com:64bitpandas/amethyst.git

# index and fetch changes
git fetch upstream
git checkout -p upstream/hugo -- layouts .github Makefile assets/js assets/styles/base.scss assets/styles/darkmode.scss data