📓 Amethyst

💜 Welcome to Amethyst!

What is Amethyst? #

Amethyst is a free Obsidian Publish alternative that is derived from two existing projects, Quartz and Hugo Book.

The purpose of Amethyst is to provide a space to publish more structured notes created in Obsidian that may not fit in the digital garden archetype that is well-supported by existing projects.

Amethyst was primarily created as a theme for my course notes.

Get Started #

📚 Step 1: Setup your own Amethyst instance

✏️ Step 2: Editing Notes in Amethyst

🔗 Step 3: How to setup your Obsidian Vault to work with Amethyst

👀 Step 4: Preview Changes

🌍 Step 5: Hosting Amethyst online!

🎨 Step 6: Customizing Amethyst

Returning user? Here’s how to update your existing Amethyst instance.

Here’s a list of all setup-related notes, which are also accessible via the sidebar menu under the “Getting Started” section.

Troubleshooting #